All The Shoes Your Feet Need: A Basic Shoe Collection


I’m a serious shoe lover.  And by serious I mean I have slept in them could sleep in them!  They don’t judge you, they fit you no matter your dress size and they pave the way to your greatness each day.  Beneath them could be pavements you’ve never walked on, streets you’ve never seen, in countries you’ve never been, where you could meet people you’ve never met.  Who knows what adventures you’ll go through in your shoes.

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4 Blogs My Eyes Love!


Most days, when I’ve finished devouring my lunch, I take myself to the kitchen and make myself a lovely cuppa, usually on the menu is peppermint tea.  This is around about the time I find myself online reading my favourite blogs.  They are so inspiring and interesting to read, not to mention the gorgeous photographs featured.  So as I sip my tea while it’s hot – mug between fingers – and scroll the wonderful pages of these brilliant bloggers, enjoying the relaxing moments to myself. I let my mind run away with itself with new ideas and all the things I want to try.  Here are 5 blogs that my eyes are loving right now, and I love each other them for different reasons.  I need each one for a different fix!  Let me explain…

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11 Things In My Bag: Current Essentials


I literally swear that my bag is a Mary Poppins bag, or at least my husband will swear to it!  I try so hard not to fall into the trap of carrying everything but the kitchen sink but it always ends up that way – chuck one lipstick in, then another, then another and after a couple of weeks my bag is one dark hole filled with make up, unused napkins, receipts, pens, shopping bags and straws… straws? How did I end up with straws in my bag?  No idea.  Moving on.   Continue reading

A Fall Weekend In Palm Springs, CA


I’ve not been on holiday this year in quite a few years.  Let’s just say my last proper lying-on-a-beach-or-by-a-pool type of holiday was my honeymoon. 7 years ago.  Hashtag the life of a songwriter.  It’s true, I’ve been back home to England to visit family and friends and yes they may say “you live thirty minutes from a beach”, but that to me doesn’t constitute as a holiday… when you end up back at your own house, that’s a day out!  A holiday, or vacation as they say here in the United States of America, is when you get off a plane and your destination is not your mum and dad’s house, where you will sleep in your old room and eat all of Mama’s delicious food and listen to your dad playing guitar in the front room while Eastenders is on.  That to me – whilst I sit there in complete bliss remembering all the sounds and smells of home, laughing with my sisters around the dinner table as we reminisce our childhood memories, the summer holidays together, Easter feasts, barbecues all the Christmases by the tree… whilst it’s perfect – that is not a holiday, not the sort I’m talking about.

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6 Tidbits: Fall Organizing Tips

Untitled design

It’s that time of year when I desperately feel like I want to get rid of the remnants of summer and crack on with Fall.  It’s in with the warm cozy soups for dinner with some soft buttered bread and out with the fresh salads and ice cold smoothies.  I feel like I need to get stuck into the new season… This feeling always seems to bring out the organizer in me, when I feel not too dissimilar to Monica from Friends!   And that, my friends, leads me to these 6 Tidbits today.

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4 Easy Make Up Looks For Halloween


Halloween is right around the corner, literally… in 5 days my face is going to look like one of these 4 faces.  Well, I’m going to try my very hardest to make it look remotely like them, I can’t promise anything but I’m up for the challenge.  What’s great about these make up looks is that you don’t really need a costume, just as long as your face is painted, you classify as being in the Halloween spirit.  Works for me!

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7 Ways To Kick That Mood



We all have bad days sometimes.  It’s just life.  Some days we wake up feeling like someone’s sucker punched us right in the stomach the moment we open our eyes.  Other times the day develops into a bad one… you stub your toe, your internet isn’t functioning properly, you lose your work because your computer crashed.  Obviously we can have really terrible days where things are far more serious than screaming at the tv because the remote control won’t change the channel anymore… It’s hard, these curveballs in life are just hard sometimes.

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