The Do’s and Don’ts The Day After Thanksgiving



You stuffed your face.  Admit it.  You weren’t the only one, trust me, we all did!  We work-out all year round for days like Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, where we can stuff our faces the whole entire day without a morsel of regret.  Until the next day of course.  The day after is the day we always feel the effects of the day before.  Right? You feel like crap, you’ve broken out in a plague of zits, you suddenly feel like you’ve gained a dress size overnight and the alcohol induced anxiety sets in…

Don’t hang around in your pjs, alone, feeling miserable over left over turkey and stuffing sandwiches followed by the pumpkin pie you slathered in oodles of Cool Whip.  Save that for another day!

Don’t lie on the sofa all day with the curtains drawn, the smell of yesterdays gravy in the air.

Forget the Black Friday sales, you’ll hate the rowdy crowds and wish you’d steered clear… there’ll be lots of buyers remorse.  Not worth it.

If you had a bit too much last night, don’t reach for more wine.  It might seem like a good idea, but it’s not.

Don’t sit by yourself feeling guilty about all the food you ate and drinks you drank.

Instead maybe you should…

Take a refreshing shower.  Get dressed.  Get outdoors.  Drink lots of water.

Meet up with friends.  Bake some cookies with the kids or loved ones.

Play board games, watch a movie snuggled together with seasonal drinks and the fire on.

Decorate for Christmas.

Wrap up warm and hit a park or a museum, take in the sights and the fresh air.

Visit friends/neighbours and bring leftovers.

Have a positive outlook on life, the new year around the corner calls for new ideas and new beginnings.  Think about your goals.

What are you going to be doing the day after Thanksgiving?


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