Don’t Know What To Bring To A Thanksgiving Dinner? Here Are 10 Ideas


So you’ve been kindly invited to a soiree for Thanksgiving but have no idea what to bring.  Here are some ideas.

  1. A pie.
  2. A bottle of wine or drinks of any kind.
  3. Board games for after dinner.
  4. A gift for the chef of the day – maybe some fancy condiments or a cookbook by  their favourite chef or restaurant.  Perhaps a cool unique kitchen utensil like a pestle and mortar or a butter churner!
  5.  A classic movie for after dinner if board games aren’t your thing.
  6. Games for the kids.
  7. Compile a music playlist for the day.
  8. A fall centerpiece decoration for the table.
  9. Something for breakfast the next morning – the last thing the host/hostess wants to do is make breakfast after a day of cooking!  Perhaps bring some premium coffee beans and some freshly baked muffins and jam.
  10. A gift for a pet.

Don’t forget to send a thank you card in the mail after the event.  Don’t send an email, a handwritten note in the mail shows so much more effort on your part just to simply tell them how much you appreciate them, and that you enjoyed the meal and festivities, thank them for opening up their home to you.

What are you planning on bringing to the Thanksgiving bash you’ve been invited to?


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