Reasons To Stay Home Instead Of Going Out



I find myself staying in more than going out these days. Maybe it’s the season, maybe it’s the weather change… I’m not sure… While I do love a good boogie, the thought of going out in the cold in heels that make my toes numb for three days… it leaves me uninspired to go anywhere.  There are various things to weigh up when you’re thinking of hitting the bars/clubs/other social events on these colder evenings, like, if I don’t shave my legs will I be warmer? And will anybody notice if they are under jeans anyway?

Here are some reasons why you should stay home instead of going out, even if you have just shaved your legs and you’re not bothered about how cold the evenings are…

  1. Your house has hot chocolate on tap.
  2. You can order pizza.  Isn’t that the best thing you’ve ever read?
  3. You can watch a movie snuggled up in your favourite fleece pjs and pig out on said pizza.
  4. Faux fur lined socks are life.
  5. You can bake huge melty chocolate cookies a la Tanya Burr and then immediately eat what you’ve baked with no  guilt or regrets.
  6. You can have a romantic evening in with your significant other.  Candle-lit living-room picnics are the best.
  7. You can invite your friends over, pile on face masks, paint your nails, laugh, drink wine, dance and try on all the fancy-dress wigs you own.
  8. You can play board games with said friends whilst drinking said wine.
  9. You can give each other massages.
  10. You can have hairy legs!
  11. You can catch up on all the tv shows you’ve missed during the week.
  12. You can lose yourself in the book you’ve been reading whilst the fire is crackling in the background.
  13. You can’t take blankets out with you, unless you want people to look at you strangely.

See, these are some legit reasons to stay in.  I mean, I’m not saying stay in and be an antisocial hermit for the rest of your days, no, but if you’re on the fence one night, these reasons could just be what you need to take full advantage of staying in the comfort of your own home.  Sometimes we need nights like these!

What would you rather do? Stay in or go out?


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