Summer In Fall? Sorry, Not Sorry!

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I know it sounds weird.  When the stores are pouring out autumnal smelling scents of cinnamon, pumpkin and spice, I walk into my local Marshalls – part of the MarMaxx family of stores (home of TJ Maxx, TK Maxx, HomeGoods, HomeSense, Winners along with Marshalls) – and come across this amazing body balm by H20+.  Poolside.  I picked it up because of the colour of the tube sticking out amongst the oranges, deep reds and browns for Fall, as well as the name.  I sort of imagined it would smell like summer just by the look of it.  When I smelt it I was transported to a pool with a pina colada in my hand laden with pink umbrellas, chunks of pineapple and glacier cherries on toothpicks, Reggae playing in the background.

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While I love Fall candles and scents that fill the home, I probably wouldn’t slather myself in cinnamon lotion or pumpkin body butter, not really my thing, but this… this on the other hand is right up my street.  A fresh melony smell with a hint of cucumber.  Amazon says it has “moisture-rich marine botanicals that deeply hydrate to smooth and protect against irritation”.  It’s made with watercress and Iceland moss to help restore moisture and leave the skin feeling radiant and healthy. Its provitamin B content soothes irritated skin and aids in maintaining skins moisture balance.  It smells so amazing, I had to buy it.  8fl oz.  $3.99. Bargain.

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I’ve been using it now for about four days and felt that strongly about it that I had to write a blog post about it.  Honestly I’m considering going back to stock up on a few more bottles as back up because I don’t quite know what I’m going to do once this runs out… I’m finding myself applying it multiple times a day just to get a fix whiff!  So at this rate, it’s not going to last very long.  It’s absurd how much I love this smell.  By the looks of it they sell a shower and bath gel in the same scent.  I NEED it in my life asap.  Suffice to say I’m super happy I walked into my local store on that brisk day to find this glorious product, a little gem.

I know it’s Fall and this is a Summer lotion but… sorry, not sorry I bought it!  In fact I’m delighted. Go getchu some!


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