All The Shoes Your Feet Need: A Basic Shoe Collection


I’m a serious shoe lover.  And by serious I mean I have slept in them could sleep in them!  They don’t judge you, they fit you no matter your dress size and they pave the way to your greatness each day.  Beneath them could be pavements you’ve never walked on, streets you’ve never seen, in countries you’ve never been, where you could meet people you’ve never met.  Who knows what adventures you’ll go through in your shoes.

When I put on an amazing pair of shoes I just suddenly feel fantastic, they can literally change my mood completely and make my outfit.  Oh, my love for shoes runs deep.  This blog post goes out to all the women out there trying to build their shoe-drobe.  Your shoe-drobe is your wardrobe of shoes.  Do you ever find yourself wearing an outfit ready to step out the door, aside from having to pick your shoes, and you stand there facing them… *scratches head* “hmmm, no they aren’t right because they aren’t high enough for this dress” or “I need an open-toed shoe for this outfit”, “Should I go nude, black, bootie, sandal? I wish I had a knee-high boot, maybe a sneaker would work?”  It’s just too much. And speaking of much… if we have too much choice it’s confusing, if we don’t have enough it’s depressing… am I right?!

Here are all the shoes your feet need for a basic shoe collection.  If you find yourself with more or wanting more, that’s fine, no judgements *does snow angel in center of pile of shoes laden across the floor* this little guide is just to help make sure we have all the bases covered, the excess is your own personal choice.



The Classic Pump.  Black or Nude.  I always turn to my trusty pumps when I’m unsure of what to put on.  They are so versatile and can be worn with a dress as well as distressed jeans.


The Ballet Flat.  I’d stick with something back, nude, tan coloured for this basic collection.  They’re perfect for running around doing errands.



The Flat Open-Toed Sandal.  The quintessential summer shoe, pair perfectly with summer dresses and shorts as well as skinny jeans or wide leg trousers.


The Heeled Day Shoe.  These stacked heels look so stylish without sacrificing comfort.  The heeled day shoe can dress up an outfit from casual to chic, slung on with a pair of jeans or a nice dress.


The Trainer/Sneaker.  Not only will you get use out of these at the gym, but you can wear these stylishly about town too.  Although I’m not a massive sneaker girl myself, I do wear mine almost everyday at the gym so they serve a very important role in my shoe-drobe.



The Statement Strappy Sandal.  Statement heels are the star of the show, they work best with understated outfits so they can be showcased.


The Ankle Bootie. So versatile and can be paired with dresses to jeans to skirts to shorts.  These are the go-with-everything-bootie.  Again, neutral or black are best.



Knee High Boots.  These are timeless and should be part of any woman’s shoe-drone.  Ideal for the Fall and Winter months.



Casual Flat. Something like Vans or Converse will fit superbly into this collection. Easy to slip on and off and are also versatile and are superb for travel.

Noticing a theme here, for a basic collection you should look for versatile pieces that can be easily paired with lots of items in your wardrobe.  That’s the key, obviously you can build your shoe collection to how ever big your heart desires but if you’re wanting a minimalist collection or you want a basis from which to start, these 9 pairs will change your shoe game if you’ve got them in your arsenal.

What are you shoe must-haves?  Tell me in the comments, I’d love to know.


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