4 Blogs My Eyes Love!


Most days, when I’ve finished devouring my lunch, I take myself to the kitchen and make myself a lovely cuppa, usually on the menu is peppermint tea.  This is around about the time I find myself online reading my favourite blogs.  They are so inspiring and interesting to read, not to mention the gorgeous photographs featured.  So as I sip my tea while it’s hot – mug between fingers – and scroll the wonderful pages of these brilliant bloggers, enjoying the relaxing moments to myself. I let my mind run away with itself with new ideas and all the things I want to try.  Here are 5 blogs that my eyes are loving right now, and I love each other them for different reasons.  I need each one for a different fix!  Let me explain…



Reason for reading – I’m here for the fashion Inspiration.  Sammi has a way of making everything look cool.  She’s got great personal style and I love to see the pieces she puts together.

Samantha Maria hosts an online style diary on her blog, as well as having a successful YouTube channel, which I also indulge in!  She posts amazing pictures of her style and the lookbooks she creates, sharing pictures of her travels and food, as she shows us the types of outfits she’s putting together for these sorts of occasions.  She knows her fashion and knows what’s trending or going to be, and for which season.  Not to mention the fact she has her own fashion label now with partner Jason Davis called Novem & Knight.  Her blog is so inspiring and it helps me when I’m thinking about what I have in my wardrobe so I can use to create similar looks.



Reasons for reading – I’m here for the DIY tutorials and inspiration.  I love this colorful blog, full of things I can dream about.

A Pair & A Spare is a blog I discovered not too long ago, probably that one time when I was scouring the net for a DIY project involving elastic, fabric and some tricky measurements!  This blog is jam-packed full of fantastic yet relatively easy DIYs that are completely achievable!  Geneva is not only gorgeous but a creative genius!  She also shares stunning pictures of her travels and her style amongst other things , basically, it’s a pretty brilliant and well put together blog.



Reasons for reading – I love Hannah’s perspective on things.  She has a knack of drawing me in, I literally forget about everything else around me when I’m reading!

Oh Hannah Gale, how my heart beats loudly for this blog.  Ok that’s a little weird. No but really… Firstly, Hannah is freaking hilarious, I love her writing style.  But secondly,  she can really turn a quite stressful topic into something light and worth laughing over – like how “cystitis is pretty much the worst thing about being a girl”! – and everybody deserves a good laugh, don’t they?  I suppose it’s the way she says it that has me grinning, often snorting, sometimes giggling, from ear to ear.  She’s punchy, witty, and rather fantastic in my opinion.  She writes about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel in her own unique way and I can safely say I’m hooked.



Reasons for reading – I love her daily morsels of beauty, fashion, travel, food and lifestyle.  She has a great writing style and I thoroughly enjoy engrossing myself in her posts, usually having a bit of marathon of three or four in a row!

Vivianna does more than Makeup! She’s another very successful YouTuber and her blog compliments her channel nicely.  I love reading about the latest nail polishes and lip products she’s trying out.  Her blog is filled with fashion edits and beauty edits along with top trends she’s getting stuck into.  You can find info on budget buys and new products hitting the streets, it’s great.  I just feel like Vivianna has her ear to the ground and knows whats about to be popping, which often times keeps me popping!

Do yourself a huge favour and check out these 4 utterly wonderful humans, they have some pretty inspiring bits to share.  Are there any fantastic blogs you love or could recommend?  And if you think I’d love your blog, leave it in the comments.


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