11 Things In My Bag: Current Essentials


I literally swear that my bag is a Mary Poppins bag, or at least my husband will swear to it!  I try so hard not to fall into the trap of carrying everything but the kitchen sink but it always ends up that way – chuck one lipstick in, then another, then another and after a couple of weeks my bag is one dark hole filled with make up, unused napkins, receipts, pens, shopping bags and straws… straws? How did I end up with straws in my bag?  No idea.  Moving on.  

I try, periodically, to have a clear out, swap things around and remove any unwanted crap from there.  I’m currently using my Michael Kors Selma Medium Satchel in Peanut. It’s currently pretty tidy and each item has its purpose,  but I do have some rather random pieces… here are 12 of them.

#1. I was given this as a gift and ever since I received it, it’s never left my bag.  My very slim, very fancy silver pen.  It sits in it’s own little leather carry case with velvet lining, very posh.  I’ve had to pull it out on a number of occasions and people always comment on how gorgeous is, not to mention handy.

#2. A Punch Studio Pocket Notepad, which I love the design of.  It’s always great to have a small notepad tucked away incase you need to write something down or incase you want to leave someone a note on their windscreen telling them they’ve parked like a douchebag.  Not admitting to anything.

#3. Mini tweezers. (Similar here) I have no idea how I obtained these, they actually look like they came out of a cracker, maybe they did, but all I know is you never know when you’re going to have to pluck that stray hair from your mole _________ (insert word wherever your stray hair might be).

#4. My Louis Vuitton wallet that I’ve had for 13 years.  Seriously, it has upheld the test of time! Fantastically sturdy and functional. Perfect size… it’s just perfect.

#5. Mirrored Sunnies.  I love a good pair of mirrored sunglasses, these particular ones were from Cotton On and I wear them to death.

#6. Trident gum for fresh breath.  Always a good idea.

#7. Band-Aids for those days/nights when you’ve walked too far for too long in heels too high and you’ve given yourself blisters.  A must in my handbag.

#8. Celestial Seasonings collectable tin.  This goes everywhere with me because you never know when you’re going to want a cup of tea and if wherever you are has any.  It’s for tea lovers on the go, that of which I am! (FYI: it fits about 3 or 4 tea bags in quite comfortably depending on size of packet)

#9. Carmex.  I love this stuff,  so hydrating and healing.  Also another of my must-haves.

#10. Hand sanitizer.  This one is from Forever21 and it literally smells like summer and suncream and coconuts and vanilla.  Divine.

#11. Last but not least, my new favourite lipstick.  All Fired Up by MAC, it’s a bright fuchsia matte, the website says it’s a “retro matte” and I’d have to agree.  I LOVE this colour and it’s pretty much on my face every single day since I got it, thanks MAC!

What’s in your bag that you can’t live without?  Tell me in the comments my lovely friends.


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