A Fall Weekend In Palm Springs, CA


I’ve not been on holiday this year in quite a few years.  Let’s just say my last proper lying-on-a-beach-or-by-a-pool type of holiday was my honeymoon. 7 years ago.  Hashtag the life of a songwriter.  It’s true, I’ve been back home to England to visit family and friends and yes they may say “you live thirty minutes from a beach”, but that to me doesn’t constitute as a holiday… when you end up back at your own house, that’s a day out!  A holiday, or vacation as they say here in the United States of America, is when you get off a plane and your destination is not your mum and dad’s house, where you will sleep in your old room and eat all of Mama’s delicious food and listen to your dad playing guitar in the front room while Eastenders is on.  That to me – whilst I sit there in complete bliss remembering all the sounds and smells of home, laughing with my sisters around the dinner table as we reminisce our childhood memories, the summer holidays together, Easter feasts, barbecues all the Christmases by the tree… whilst it’s perfect – that is not a holiday, not the sort I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the kind where you basically don’t get out of your bikini the whole day, you eat by the pool, doze by the pool, read by the pool and repeat.  Or by the beach of course.  The evenings are also spent with copious amounts of decadent food and maybe the odd cocktail, something that includes Vodka… there’s music, dancing, laughter, late nights and late mornings, and that feeling on your skin when you know you’ve dosed up on your vitamin D.  That’s a holiday.  That’s a vacation.

Sadly this year has been no different to the last 7, my husband and I haven’t managed to get away.  So instead we’ve decided to take advantage of our location and plan a couple of trips not too far from home, somewhere where if we close our eyes we can pretend we are lying in hammocks in the Bahamas.


Destination: Palm Springs, CA

Duration: The whole entire weekend

 Departure: Early Saturday morning

Return: Monday afternoon

Below are some pictures of our stay.  It was bliss.  We stayed at The Renaissance Hotel, which was perfectly located downtown close to shops, bars and restaurants.  There was even a small movie theatre just a stones throw away.




This is a traditional German pancake, Elmer’s is famous for them… Totally delicious. If you’re from the UK – this is a cross between one of our pancakes and a ginormous Yorkshire pudding doused in lemon juice, icing sugar and butter.  De-lish!


Not bad for October eh?!


Hours by the poolside require poolside snacks.





Twinkle lights everywhere down Palm Canyon Drive.  So pretty at night.


This delicious cocktail was called The Amalfi Lemondrop and it went down a treat.


Pink Skies in Palm Springs.  So beautiful.





Cakes and cookies in abundance.


We had a fabulous long weekend and really spent most of the time lounging, shopping and dining.  Such a chilled out place with Morongo Casino a mere twenty minutes away.  Yes we went, yes we won, even if only a little!

I loved Palm Springs, we’ll definitely be returning when we want a break from Los Angeles.  Next stop… Vegas!

Been anywhere nice lately? Or planning a trip soon?  Tell me where you’re off to.


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