6 Tidbits: Fall Organizing Tips

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It’s that time of year when I desperately feel like I want to get rid of the remnants of summer and crack on with Fall.  It’s in with the warm cozy soups for dinner with some soft buttered bread and out with the fresh salads and ice cold smoothies.  I feel like I need to get stuck into the new season… This feeling always seems to bring out the organizer in me, when I feel not too dissimilar to Monica from Friends!   And that, my friends, leads me to these 6 Tidbits today.


This is the most satisfying. I go through draws and cupboards and have a good old clear out of things that have been thrown in when it’s too hot to care where they land.  Sift through the junk and get rid.


Rearrange your wardrobe and draws so your longer sleeved items are easily accessible, pack away your summer sandals, pull out your boots and replace your boob tubes with cozy sweaters.  Don’t horde any clothing that you haven’t worn in a while and are completely over… regardless of the season.  Donate anything of good quality and toss any hole-y socks and threadbare items.


They don’t mind scheduling a visit to check your appliances are working correctly.  Living in L.A. we never use the heater in our apartment during most of the year, but when the “winter” months draw near we like to call them in to check everything is in good and safe working order.


Check your smoke & carbon dioxide alarms.  Boring but, it’s a good idea to change batteries, just incase.


Go through your make up stash and switch out products that you wouldn’t normally use on a daily basis.  Add some Fall appropriate colours and incorporate them into your everyday make up routine.  Replace all your bright pink and coral shades of lipstick with your bordeauxs and deep reds.

This is probably my least favorite thing to do but I always feel better after having done it.  Have a good purge of those old files you’ve got bursting out of your concertina file on that top shelf in the wardrobe.  Shred all the old bills and statements that you no longer need.  Better still, go paperless online!  Do the same on your computers, deleting old files will make your computer run more efficiently if your drive is almost at capacity, (which mine generally is!) so get deleting.
After I’ve gotten through these organizing bits I usually feel quite accomplished and somewhat lighter!  As my reward, I drink tea, lots of it, dunking biscuits in repeatedly and quickly smashing them into my mouth incase they fall in and melt into a mush (hate that), whilst I look around at my very organized life and home. *pats self on back*.
What do you do to prepare for Fall? I’d love to know so that I can incorporate them into my seasonal clean out routine!  Share your tips in the comments.

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