4 Easy Make Up Looks For Halloween


Halloween is right around the corner, literally… in 5 days my face is going to look like one of these 4 faces.  Well, I’m going to try my very hardest to make it look remotely like them, I can’t promise anything but I’m up for the challenge.  What’s great about these make up looks is that you don’t really need a costume, just as long as your face is painted, you classify as being in the Halloween spirit.  Works for me!

21 – The Scarecrow 

This is a pretty simple look and the tutorial can be found on Shaaanxo’s Youtube page, along with tons of other far more intense and complex looks for Halloween.  I just thought this look was pretty easy to accomplish and could be done with what I have in my make up stash, plus a straw hat and BOOM I’m a scarecrow!

42 – The Deer

This look is one I’ve wanted to attempt for a long time and never gotten the chance.  I love it, it’s so pretty from the big doe eyes all the way down to the hair ears!  Shannon O’Brien absolutely smashed this tutorial, easy to follow with wonderful results.  After rummaging around in your garden for some twigs make sure you’ve got false eyelashes for the top and bottom and a thin headband and you can totally pull this look off.

33 – The Sugar Skull

WOW, Jamie Genevieve has some amazing make up tutorials for Halloween.  The Sugar Skull has a bit more going on than the previous two but Jamie goes through it quite thoroughly so I think it’s achievable with a good black eyeliner and some black and pinky-plum eyeshadows.


4 – The Leopard

Now, sadly, after scouring the internet for (flipping) ages, I couldn’t find a tutorial for the leopard picture above.  There were some similar ones that you could expand on or reference here and here, but I thought the picture was clear enough to use as a guide if you’re a dab hand with make up.

I’m still undecided as to which make up look I’ll go for but I’m sure it’ll be one of them!  What are you going as this Halloween?


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