18 Reasons You Know You’re A Songwriter


As you may or may not have read in the “About Me” section of my blog, I’m a songwriter.  If you’re a songwriter like me, maybe you’ve experienced some of the same things, if not, here’s a little peak into our world!

You know you’re a songwriter when…

#1 You have to live on the ramen-noodle-diet at some point in your career. #fourpacksforabuck

#2 You have no idea how you manage to survive from one month to the next (the grind).

#3 You make lists of the things you want with a plan to buy them when you finally get some money!

#4 Everything in life is a song title.  Random conversations: Person speaking:  “blah blah blah.”  Me (with excitement) : “Oh my gosh that would make a really great song title!” Person: “Oh, ok then!”

#5 Fear and self doubt creep in and the creative process messes with your head.THE-CREATIVE-PROCESS

Source: Dribble.com – #lunchtimedrawings The Creative Process by Dan Edwards

#6 People ask you when you’re going to get a real job!

#7 Knock backs and rejections are a regular occurrence but you dust it off and carry on because it’s all you know how to do, and your desire to succeed tells you you can never give up.

#8 You find yourself mumbling/singing ideas into your voice memo on your phone at ANY GIVEN TIME OF DAY.  Supermarket: singing into phone.  Doctor’s surgery: singing into phone.  Coffee shops:  singing into phone.

#9 People ask if you’ve written anything they’d know/heard.

#10 You’re writing and you come up with silly lines on purpose because your brain won’t allow you to come up with anything serious, like “your love takes me high… it’s because I ate a pie?!”

#11 Your neighbours probably hate you because they can hear you constantly singing and playing your guitar/piano/spoons (!) – sometimes badly – through the paper thin walls!

#12 Some days are just like this…

Some days are like this

Source: Murraythenut.com 

#13 You recognize that songwriting has to be a vulnerable place.

#14 You have a really great melody and literally the moment it’s out of your mouth you’ve forgotten it.  Annoying.

#15 You have a rhyming dictionary saved in your bookmarks.

#16 You walk into a session, the room is bursting with people/entourage and only two of you are supposed to be actually writing.

#17 You get home from a co-writing session and your clothes smell of something other than sweat. (writers out there will know what I mean).

#18 You’re asked to start a co-writing session when normal people are going to sleep!

This post was really fun to write!! Are you a songwriter and have you experienced some of these things, or anything different? Please comment if you have, I’d love to hear them! Despite some of the crazy things I come across, and there are more than this list I can assure you, I love what I do and couldn’t breathe without it.

“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.” ~ Osho


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