7 Ways To Kick That Mood



We all have bad days sometimes.  It’s just life.  Some days we wake up feeling like someone’s sucker punched us right in the stomach the moment we open our eyes.  Other times the day develops into a bad one… you stub your toe, your internet isn’t functioning properly, you lose your work because your computer crashed.  Obviously we can have really terrible days where things are far more serious than screaming at the tv because the remote control won’t change the channel anymore… It’s hard, these curveballs in life are just hard sometimes.

For whatever reason you’re feeling like you want to bury your head in the sand or lie in bed all day like Bridget Jones, and you just can’t seem to shake the feeling, here are 7 ways you can kick that mood right where it hurts.

#1 Exercise.  Get some exercise, it’s amazing how refreshed we feel after a good workout.  According to mindbodygreen.com there are a whole host of reasons why exercise is good for us.  They say it makes us happy by releasing the chemical Dopamine into the brain.  I say, that sounds good to me!

#2 Get some fresh air.  Rather than staying cooped up indoors trying to deal with whatever it is that is stressing you out, go for a walk, take an hour for yourself and go and breathe some fresh air, it’ll give you time to think and put things into perspective.

#3 Watch a movie.  Say you’ve done all the walking you can do and you’ve exercised till you can sweat no more, watch a great movie, one that makes really you laugh.  Before you know it, you’re laughing then blubbing then laughing some more and snotting out of your nose and it feels so good.  I love this one, it usually always helps lift my mood.

#4 Have a good cry.  Sometimes there is no other solution but to call up your girl friend and tell her your troubles over a glass of wine or better yet a huge pizza covered in mushrooms and olives (my favourite kind!)  Best friends make the best therapists in my experience!


#5 Eat some ice cream.  Ok, if the pizza doesn’t work and you hate wine, eat ice cream, a whole tub.  No one will care and then tomorrow you can work it off at the gym (see #1)

#6 Listen to your favourite music.  Often times I will stick on my favourite song/band/artist of the moment and unashamedly sing every word, even if incorrectly and dance around living room in my underwear.  Worst thing is is that i’m usually listening on headphones so look utterly ridiculous if anyone were to be watching me air guitar to nothing!  It’s true and I love it.

#7 Go Shopping.  “Retail therapy is a terrible idea”.  Said no one ever.  If all else fails.  Just get your purse and get outta there.  Whether it’s window shopping or actual spending-all-your-money-on-things-that-you-don’t-need shopping, just do it.  You’ll feel better for the distraction, exercise (see #1) and fresh air (#2).

Bad mood? What bad mood?  *wink*

what do you do to combat a bad mood? Share your ways in the comments folks.


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