8 Pieces To Take Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

Summer to Fall

Slouchy Bouclé Sweater – TOPSHOP | Wool Cardigan – NET-A-PORTER | Ankle Bootie – TED BAKER | Draped Blouse – ZARA |  Scarf – H&M | Denim Shirt – H&M | Blazer – PINK QUEEN

Don’t say goodbye to your summer pieces just yet, with just a few additions to our wardrobes we can still get some use out of those cute dresses and those comfy denim shorts!

Piece 1 – Add tights to your summer dresses or shorts.  These will help keep your legs warm on those chilly nights.

Piece 2 – Invest in some cardigans, these work perfectly to shield the light winds that creep up this time of year, cardigans work wonderfully as a layering piece.

Piece 3 – Booties.  Wear booties with every outfit you’d have worn sandals with! They can be high-heeled booties, low-heeled booties, flat booties, depending on your outfit you can choose which one will look best.

Piece 4 – Layering is really key in Fall, throw on a denim shirt over top a little dress and under a cardigan or a cargo jacket and you’re golden!  I guess it just depends on how cold it gets in your neck of the woods at this time of year.  You be the judge of what suits the temperature.  The reason the layering method works year after year is because if the sun suddenly decides to make an appearance you can take a layer off and put it back on again if the temperature drops.  Perfect.

Piece 5 – Get an assortment of scarves.  Sometimes all we need is our necks covered and we no longer feel the chill in the air.  Grab it and wrap it!  Some scarves are big enough to double up as shoulder shrugs or a blankets in a pinch.  I carry one with me everywhere this time of year.

Piece 6 – This here is definitely sweater weather!  Bung a sweater over any sleeveless or strapless dress and you’ll fit right into the season.

Piece 7 – Lengthen the sleeves please!  If you change your short sleeved blouses to long sleeved ones you’ll find your arms will thank you for it.

Piece 8 –   Add a blazer.  These come in all shapes and sizes but work perfectly to bridge the gap in fashion pieces between Summer and Fall.


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