The Best Cupcake You’ve Ever Smelt!


Have you read my Fall Favourites Tag post?  If so, then you’ll know that I listed more than one of my favourite candles from Bath & Bodyworks for the Fall season (I seriously couldn’t choose one! How can anybody?), but this little beauty right here, Buttercream Icing, is completely new to me and smells utterly divine.  Hold on, let me see if I can put you in the picture here…

Imagine walking into a warm bakery, the scent of baking buns in the air… you’re standing over a bowl of actual buttercream frosting whilst the lovely lady there slathers some all over a cupcake, your mouth is watering.  Imagine angels floating on clouds singing oh erm… something Autumny like September Song by Frank Sinatra while this magical aroma fills your nose.  It feels like home.

If you’ve smelt this candle, then you’ll know what I’m talking about, if not, I suggest you get to smelling!  It’s so delicious I could eat it, which I suppose is the point of making a candle smell like a piece of food.  BBW sniff-creating team, you’ve done it again!  Total heaven in my nostrils.  I thank you kindly.


The Bath & Bodyworks’ website states it’s a mouthwatering fragrance (I’ll say) of fluffy buttercream (drool) on a rich vanilla cupcake (can’t.stop.drooling).

I could seriously go broke in there,  I’ve got my eye on a few other candles but for now, this little gem burns happily in my living room making my guests think I’ve just baked a batch of the best cupcakes they’ve ever smelt, and it makes me feel utterly blissful yet somewhat hungry, nothing that a stop-off at the bakery won’t cure.

Let me know which is your favourite candle of the moment.  Or can’t you decide either?!


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