10 Signs You Need A Makeover Sharpish

10 Signs You Need A Makeover

Source: Tumblr Model: Christy Turlington Photographer: Pamela Hanson

It might be time to shed that old skin and get yourself a fresh start.  Are in a stinking beauty rut? Maybe you just need a  pick-me-up.  Not sure?

With help from our Friends friends, check out the 10 signs that it’s time for you to shake things up a bit and get yourself a makeover, Girrrl!

Sign 1.  You’ve had the same hairstyle for years.


Sign 2. Your skin is looking lackluster and tired.


Sign 3. You’re overjoyed with primping yourself in the morning. Not.


Sign 4. You have old make up products that should probably be thrown away, like yesterday.


Sign 5. You’re underwhelmed by your wardrobe options and what you do have doesn’t fit you that great.


Sign 6.  It’s been a while since you splashed out on yourself.


7. You hate looking at your reflection in the mirror.


Sign 8. Nobody compliments you.


Sign 9. Your style hasn’t really evolved over the years.

ross & chand

Sign 10. You don’t feel attractive anymore.


If you said “yes that’s me” to yourself or to anyone else in the room whilst reading this post, then you probably do need a make over, a fresh start, a new beginning.  Get yourself to the shops lass!  You need to take some time for you.  You don’t have to spend a fortune doing it either. It’s just a matter of spending some quality time looking after yourself, it’ll make a huge difference to how you look and feel.  Stay in the bath an extra 5 minutes with a candle burning and your fave songs playing, put a conditioning treatment in your hair, get a trim if not a new style/colour.  Paint your nails a shade your normally wouldn’t, wear a new lip colour.  There are ways you can make yourself feel great if you’re stuck in a rut.  Show the world what you’ve got!

I’m game if you are 😉

Gifs sourced at GIPHY.COM


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