What To Binge Watch On Netflix


In my honest opinion, Netflix should come with a warning, or several in fact… Like, “addiction may occur when used repeatedly” or “use at your own risk” or “stock your cupboards and fridges with snacks because you’ll never leave your house” – that sort of thing.  It would be completely acceptable, since it’s the truth.  If you’re anything like me when searching for a show to watch: you’re excited if there is more than one season (if there are 6 you’re ecstatic!), you high-five yourself if you manage to steer clear from the telly for more than an hour between episodes before you put another one on… but then you watch episode after episode in an addicted fashion until there are only two episodes left and you realize you are totally unconsolable.  Ok, just me? Weird.

Anyway, if you are like me and just aren’t admitting it, check out my current Netflix binge recommendations! Be sure to read the short synopsis to get a feel for what the shows are about:


WENTWORTH  – I’ve just finished watching this show and this one crept up on me, big time.  One night I finish watching an episode and the next thing I know I’m thinking about it, getting cold sweats, dying to get my fix.  It’s set in Australia, the cast are fantastic and let me tell you, it’ll have you on the edge of your seat on more than one occasion.  If you like Orange Is The New Black, you’ll love this.  It’s truly fantastic and I’m just sad that I binged the heck out of this one because I’m gutted it’s over. Double thumbs up.


MADAM SECRETARY – I totally cheated on Wentworth with Madam Secretary, we’re still going strong, although I’m almost through this one too.  It’s great, a political drama with strong story lines of corruption as well as camaraderie.  If you like House Of Cards, this could be your bag.


BLOODLINE – This show was something that I skipped over many times, I think it was because of the front cover to be honest, I don’t know, it just didn’t seem appealing to me.  But now having watched it, I can safely say that it doesn’t remotely do it justice.  The way this is filmed, the storylines, and the to-ing and fro-ing from the future to the past to the present is so gripping and intriguing. You just don’t know what happened and what’s about to happen.  Such a fab show.


THE FALL – Set in Ireland, this is a crime drama with Gillian Anderson and the dude from 50 Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan.  Holy moly!  It’s brilliant, he’s a bit of a psycho… well a lot of a psycho really.  It’s creepy and mysterious and gripping all in one.  It’s 50 shades of awesome.


GOSSIP GIRL – Now this is something I wasn’t sure about, but one day last year I decided to start right at the beginning.  And I was hooked.  It’s a great show, super entertaining with lots of twists and turns, lots of loves and losses and tons of backstabbing all set to a New York backdrop.  It made me kind of fall in love with the place a wee bit!


MADMEN – This series is one that grows on you, but once it’s grown, you’re hooked.   I’m not sure what exactly intrigues me about this show; the characters, the plot, the fashion?!  It’s so amazing to see how far we’ve come from the 60’s.  Smoking in the office all day long, drinking at the drop of a hat and the sexist remarks and behaviour are rampant.  But through all of that, something just grabbed me about this show.  Watch it and you’ll see what I mean.


THE KILLING – Where to start with this series, oh goodness, it’s just fab!  We get to see this brilliant detective who is trying to solve the mysteries of a serial killer, whilst unravelling at the seams herself.  And her partner – who I secretly want her to love – is freaking awesome!  It’s a fascinating dark crime drama.  Highly recommend it.


PRETTY LITTLER LIARS – You must all know what I’m talking about when I say, who the hell is -A? I’m not up to date on this series so if you’ve found out, don’t tell me!! This series is seriously creepy.  After I’ve watched an episode of this, I jump when the toaster oven pings or the kettle clicks off!  Ha!  A great show that I’m eager to get back to watching.


THE WALKING DEAD – Ok, this isn’t something I can watch alone!  It’s full of lots of fake blood and jelly looking stuff.  Ew.  But the storyline is fantastic!  A definite must watch.

There are my recommendations to binge watch on Netflix.  I know there is quite a theme here… it seems as though I like to scare myself stiff!

What are you recommendations if you have any.  And have you watched any of these shows? What did you think? Come back and tell me.


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