5 Ways To Get Cozy For Fall


Source: Pottery Barn

I love Fall, it’s such a pretty season, when the leaves are under your booties as you walk the streets.  What I love about it mostly though, is how cozy things get, and they can get real cozy if you want them to.  Here are 5 ways to get utterly lost in lashings of coziness this Fall.

#1. Blankets.  Get yourself some blankets.  Flannel ones, faux fur ones, anything that feels great to snuggle up with on the sofa while you indulge in a movie marathon and a packet of Hobnobs!


Source: HubPages


Source: Williams-Sonoma

#2. Socks.  You’re going to need socks – of any kind: ankle/knee/over the knee – to get that toastie vibe.  And while you’re in them, do #3.

#3. Drink Tea/Hot Chocolate.  Lots of it. *runs to kitchen and flicks on the kettle*


Source: EnchangedHome.com   Source: Ines Pertovic

#4. Candles.  Candles just make everything better, don’t they?  They smell divine and add the perfect amount of warm ambiance to a room.  They just make everything super comfy and dreamy.  I particularly like this “Flannel” candle from Bath and Bodyworks.  One of my Fall faves.


Source: Bath & Body Works

#5. Pillows.  Get some seasonal pillows for your couch,  all the different textures and colours will make for a gorgeous den that no one could refuse on an autumnal day.  You’ll no doubt find the cat purring and pawing away in your spot if you’re gone for too long, so hurry up making that cuppa!


Source: Cyrillus  Source: The Sweetest Digs


Source: Carla Aston

I could doze off now just staring at these pictures.  All these little touches will help you feel cozy this season and you probably, like me, won’t want to leave your house.  Ever.

What are you doing to get cozy for Fall?


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