5 Steps To Look Refreshed The Morning After The Night Before

5 things to do to look refreshedSo you’ve had a late night.  Maybe you were out partying with your homies, perhaps you were studying/working until the early morn, or it was just a bad case of insomnia and you need to look wide-eyed and bushy tailed this morning.  Here are 5 things I do to help my face on one such morning.

#1 – Hydrate.  Skip the coffee and drink fresh water with lemon, this will give you a little immune system boost, it’s a natural flush for your body, giving you a happier liver and lymph system.  Two thumbs up.

#2 – Ice facial.  Usually on a morning such as this, my face feels dehydrated, lackluster and looks grey and dull.  I grab an ice cube from my freezer, wrap it in gauze and rub it all over my face until the ice melts.  This can be a bit of a Marmite situation, you either love it or hate it (Brits reading this will know what I mean about the “Marmite” reference!) Tip: you may need to periodically squeeze out the water from the gauze so you’re not left with a puddle of water on your lap, looking like you had a little accident. No bueno!

#3 – Spritz.  Use a hydrating facial mist to lock in moisture and give the skin a refreshed, nourished, dewy glow.  I use a number of different facial mists but at the moment I’m using Rosewater, which is perfect and smells divine.

#4 – Moisturise.  Then I slather on my favourite hydrating/nourishing moisturiser and eye cream and wait patiently while my skin drinks it up, willingly.

#5 – Fake a glow.  I have had this product for years and will continue to repurchase it when it runs out, although it does seem like last forever! (Note old packaging!)  It’s my Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Instant Tan for face and body.  Although the name is a little deceiving, it doesn’t really shimmer (which i’m pleased about) but it does deliver the most gorgeous instant sun-kissed glow to the skin.  If you’ve used this before, you’ll understand what I’m about to say… once you’ve got it on your face and rubbed it in evenly, wash your hands immediately, do not dilly dally unless you want brown stained palms! Head directly to the sink.  It’s truly brilliant for an instant fake healthy glow.  While I highly recommend this, any product similar to this will do the job though if you don’t have this to hand.


At this stage, if you wanted to, you could apply some make up to finish off your refresh routine before heading out the door.  I’d stick to cream products as much as possible on the skin to keep it looking dewy and hydrated.  Whack on a bright lip to detract from tired eyes, spritz on your fave perfume and you’re ready to go!  But obviously, do whatever makes you feel good, that’s the aim of the game here.

What steps do you take the morning after the night before?

I’d love to know your tips.

image owned by Hey Fancy Face.

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