Colour Crush: Burgundy


Whilst perusing Pinterest, as you do, it dawned on me that I was heavily, heavily crushing on the colour Burgundy.  I’m not entirely sure what it is that makes me love it so, and the little corner of my heart is not just reserved for lipsticks and nail polishes in the shade, but also handbags, jackets and shoes, oh my!  Now I do know that there are other colours that are far more popular this season, but to me, Burgundy just feels autumnal and always will. It’s a perfect color to escape summer with, leaving behind all the lights and brights.  I utterly love it.  So I’m sharing some of my favourite burgundy pieces in a hope that you too will fall, hook line and sinker!

1 2345

Are you seeing what I’m seeing and feeling what I’m feeling though?  I definitely own a few of these pieces: the jeans, lipstick and nail polish but I can say with certainty, that I will be upping my burgundy game in the next coming weeks.  Can’t ignore these feels!

What’s your colour crush? I’d love to know.

All images were found on Pinterest.


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