4 Statement Necklaces


I totally fell in love with the statement necklace when the world started going crazy for them and I think I will always love them!  I do love to mix up my accessories between chunky bold pieces to dainty layering pieces, it just depends on what outfit I’m wearing and what takes my fancy on that day.  Here are my go-to necklaces, they never fail me, I always reach for them when I feel like something is missing and BOOM, problem solved!  They each have a solid place in my world.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 5.44.02 PM


The first piece I’m going to talk about, is the oldest piece in my collection, it was a cheeky purchase made about 3 years ago when I went back home for a visit.  It’s from New Look and when I walked in and saw it, it was love at first sight!  I was specifically on the hunt for something that had mixed metals on it, which is why I was so happy when I found this.  What’s great is that I’m able to mix and match with other metals within my outfit without a worry.  It’s very comfortable to wear with the rope part around the neck.  Simple but yet makes a statement.


The second piece is a far more extravagant one, and my most recent acquisition.  I got this in Spring, totally falling head over heels in the store.  This beauty is from Nasty Gal and suffice to say, when I wear this I don’t wear any other jewellery – It’s all about the necklace baby!  Wearing this with something plain and un-patterned works best in my opinion.  It’s a pretty fussy and intricate necklace so really all the attention should be on it.  It’s great to dress up or down, with a gorgeous black dress or a basic white slouchy t-shirt and jeans and a killer pair of heels!  This necklace definitely makes a bold statement.


Numéro trois is a piece I purchased from Debenhams in England, for those of you who don’t know, it’s a department store similar to Macy’s.  The chunky chain sits perfectly on my collarbone and the black faux leather triangle looks equally great over any high neckline as well as on the skin if I have something strapless or low cut on.  I really like the edges on the pendant, love that it’s covered in faux leather and totally dig that it’s quite heavy and very well made.


My 4th and last piece is a bit of a DIY to be honest,  This rope style chain necklace was originally born as a body chain, one that I never really used so I decided to get my pliers out and see if I could make something similar to all these gorgeous lariat and Y-necklaces I’d been seeing around.  It was pretty simple, I cut away the parts I didn’t need and held the chain together, between my collarbones, with a jump ring from the same necklace.  I tried it on a few times to get it right but seriously one of the simplest DIY’s I’ve ever done!  I love this, I reach for it when I want something a little more understated than the other necklaces I’ve shown off today.

Do you have any favourite statement necklaces that you love?


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