Love Or Loathe? Fashion Trends Fall 2015


So, let’s talk fashion!  Specifically about a couple of trends that seem to be floating around the ether… How are you feeling about the rebirth of the 70s fashion must-have – The Wide Leg Jean?

As everyone and their mother has probably figured out, they’re the next big thing in Fall fashion but what I want to know is, Do you Love or Loathe them?  I mean, they’ve sort of been creeping around for a while now anyway, and the introduction of the wide-leg palazzo pant helped their case in steering us away from the skinny vibe, but now, they are about to be so cool that if you’re not wearing them, you’re not in the cool-gang! Right?  Truth be told, I actually believe you should really where what the hell you like, nipple tassels and all… ok, maybe not in public, but I don’t think it should matter whether it’s the most on-trend item around or not.  I’m of the ilk that, classic, timeless pieces work best in my wardrobe, they are my go-to pieces and then perhaps having a few pieces in your wardrobe that are current, work well to keep you looking up to date with what’s going on… some people go for a full-out trend overkill, wearing 6 trends all at once – that’s not really my cup of tea, but back to the wide-leg jean…

I for one can say, I was over the moon when the skinny leg came into fashion, it somehow changed my whole wardrobe possibilities, all that extra fabric was good for no-one and I was glad to be rid of it back then, actually, I’ve never looked back, until now… I have a couple of pairs in my wardrobe as I type this, that I couldn’t bear to part with but haven’t graced my legs since.  Styling these can be tricky but I am sort of getting the urge to pull them out and try them on with a bodysuit or a silk camisole as pictured above.  I will give it a whirl and report back.


My second Love Or Loathe question is for the lace-up neckline.  This is also apparently a nod to the 70s.  I have to say i’m quite liking this one, still yet to own anything lace-up, but totally up for giving it a go.  The bra situation will have to be figured out, but I do love the deep v and the detailing.

So what’s the conclusion? Do you love or loathe these trends my friends?


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