Fave Pinterest Pins Of The Moment


Ok an addiction is an addiction. Right?  I don’t know how seriously to take how much I love Pinterest!  I’m kind of obsessed, for reals.  It is my main source of fashion inspiration, food inspiration, beauty inspiration, home inspiration, DIY inspiration.  Ok, you get the gist.  I am obsessed.  So I thought I’d share my latest loves, needs and wants with you.


My cheeks hurts from smiling.  My eyes hurt from ogling.  My heart hurts from needing.


My dream home will consist of all of these pins.  Just look, look at that outdoor spread, with the lightbulbs though…  I just can’t.  Talk about amazing!  Basically I just want my bum to sit on that fluffy stool please and thank you.  Oh Heart, why must you beat so loudly?


K now, I’ve been having some serious thoughts on dying my hair blonde.  For once in my life I want to see how the other side lives! Haha no but really, I just have this itch that needs to be scratched, call it curiosity.  Maybe it won’t suit me but maybe it will.  So amongst the long haired brunettes I’ve stashed some blonde haired beauties that have been making me feel even itchier.  Ok that sounds weird.  What I mean is… oh nevermind.

Ps – these make up looks are totally lush also.


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