Need + Want = Must Have (2015 Fall Lust List)

Fall Lust List

I think it’s time that I divulged my secret fashion crushes. I’ve been lusting after these beauts for fall and I’m not ashamed of it!  And by lusting I mean drooling! Need + Want = Must Have.

First there’s this gorgeous long sleeve soft trench coat from White House | Black Market.  It’s $180, which is a little pricey for this type of coat, it’s something I will be able to wear in the spring too.  Due to its drapey polyester spandex blend I don’t think it’s something that can be worn in the winter, but then again, If I layer underneath it might just work in L.A.!

The second piece is a pair of distressed jeans.  Now I’ve attempted a few DIY jobs on jeans in my wardrobe and have been successful but there’s something about buying them already distressed, I’ve always wanted a pair of great fitting distressed jeans and have been getting the feels over these ones from Rag & Bone that can be found on the Neiman Marcus website.  At $245 they’d be the priciest jeans I own but a girl can dream!

Ok don’t judge me for wanting open-toed lace-up heels for the Fall… they are sort of a ventilated bootie, no?  Plus I live in Los Angeles so I can totes get away with them.  Been wanting a pair of lace ups for a while so these had to go on my list.  I scoured ASOS until I came across them, and for $88 I think these Faith Land Ghillie lace up heeled sandals are a steal.  Get on my feet!

Lastly but not least-ly (I hear Monica – “that’s not even a woooorrrrd!”), I am pretty partial to a hat but seldom get to wear one because it’s so flipping hot here most of the time.  Someone have a word with the weather!  Anyway, when the temperature starts to drop, even just a little bit – much like when you see us Brits bung on a pair of shorts the moment there is a teensy bit of sun peeking through the clouds back home – I will put this on my head and sleep in it too.  On top of being utterly fabulous, this Raw Cut Brim Fedora is a bargain at only $15.90 from Forever21.  Bonus.

So there they are, my lusts for Fall.  I have a sneaky suspicion that I will be adding to this list.  Tell me what you’re lusting after, if you like.


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