[REVIEW] Get Happy About Your Skin with Body Merry

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Get happy about your skin says Body Merry and with that tagline and their philosophy, how could one not?  They stand by the love for their customers – who have hundreds of brands and products to choose from but who continue to choose Body Merry again and again – and that their products are made with high quality ingredients.  They say “We don’t believe you need to be rich to look a million bucks.”  Well I’m down with that Body Merry!

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Gift Ideas: Part 1: Up To $20

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How is it December already?  December only means one thing… shopping for Christmas gifts.  Well that and a lot of eating.  It’s gift-giving season and it’s always difficult to find things for friends and loved ones, so I thought I’d put together some ideas that you might find helpful.  Not going to lie, I kind of want each one of these things in my life!  I’ve split gift ideas in to three; part 1: up to $20, part 2:  up to $50 and part 3 up to $100.  So let’s get stuck in shall we…

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#6 Beauty Heroes

FullSizeRender 6So, you know when you think about the things that you couldn’t live without – I mean beauty-wise, not things you couldn’t live without, like water or food or nutella – you know… the heroes of your beauty stash, the ones you reach for always and the ones that swoop in and save the day.  Well, when I think about a possible life without these  products I shudder for quite a while, longer than I’d like to.  Seriously.  My eyes cry and my palms sweat.  Do you know what I mean or am I being dramatic?  So it’s not just me then 😉

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The Do’s and Don’ts The Day After Thanksgiving


source: believeinthesparks.com

You stuffed your face.  Admit it.  You weren’t the only one, trust me, we all did!  We work-out all year round for days like Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, where we can stuff our faces the whole entire day without a morsel of regret.  Until the next day of course.  The day after is the day we always feel the effects of the day before.  Right? You feel like crap, you’ve broken out in a plague of zits, you suddenly feel like you’ve gained a dress size overnight and the alcohol induced anxiety sets in…

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Reasons To Stay Home Instead Of Going Out


source: handylittleme.com

I find myself staying in more than going out these days. Maybe it’s the season, maybe it’s the weather change… I’m not sure… While I do love a good boogie, the thought of going out in the cold in heels that make my toes numb for three days… it leaves me uninspired to go anywhere.  There are various things to weigh up when you’re thinking of hitting the bars/clubs/other social events on these colder evenings, like, if I don’t shave my legs will I be warmer? And will anybody notice if they are under jeans anyway?

Here are some reasons why you should stay home instead of going out, even if you have just shaved your legs and you’re not bothered about how cold the evenings are…

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Summer In Fall? Sorry, Not Sorry!

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I know it sounds weird.  When the stores are pouring out autumnal smelling scents of cinnamon, pumpkin and spice, I walk into my local Marshalls – part of the MarMaxx family of stores (home of TJ Maxx, TK Maxx, HomeGoods, HomeSense, Winners along with Marshalls) – and come across this amazing body balm by H20+.  Poolside.  I picked it up because of the colour of the tube sticking out amongst the oranges, deep reds and browns for Fall, as well as the name.  I sort of imagined it would smell like summer just by the look of it.  When I smelt it I was transported to a pool with a pina colada in my hand laden with pink umbrellas, chunks of pineapple and glacier cherries on toothpicks, Reggae playing in the background.

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